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Affiliate Program

How Does The Affiliate Program Work?
* Our affiliate program is operated through PAYHIP. com
* After creating a PAYHIP account, you will be assigned a unique link to share with your followers which will track visitors and sales from your link. You will earn commissions from sales made through your unique link.
* You will be able to log in to your Payhip account and see the number of sales that have been made through your links.
* You will be given the options of a direct link to our entire online store or individual links to each product that you are an affiliate for if you would like to promote just certain products. 
How Do I Sign Up As An Affiliate?
* If your audience is mostly from Canada, please use the following link to sign up for our account which shows all items in CAD funds.
* If your audience is mostly from the USA, please use the following link to sign up for our account which shows all items in US funds.
How Am I Paid Commissions?
* Commission payments will be made via PAYPAL, so please be sure to have your account updated with your PayPal email.
* Commission payments will be made by the 15th of the month following the month that the sale occurred. For example, if a sale was made between January 1-31, the commission payment will be made on or before February 15th via PayPal.
* Commission rates on all sales are 10% for tangible items (shipped by mail) and 25% for all digital and PDF items.
Can I Use the Links For Myself to Purchase For My Family Or As Gifts?
* Yes! Unlike most affiliate programs, we allow you to use your own links to purchase items for yourself and for gifts for family and friends.  This is a great way to try the products out for yourself and to share your own experience with it while you share it with your followers.
Can Anyone Become A Polar Pen Pal Affiliate?
* We reserve the right to accept or reject anyone into the affiliate program if we feel that your blog or social media platform is not a good fit for sharing our products. We favor "Family Friendly" sites.
* We do not have a minimum page view or a number of followers requirement, we are happy to work with microbloggers and those who may be still building their online presence.
* We are currently accepting affiliates from Canada and the USA.
* Those best suited for our affiliate program are bloggers/influencers who share about motherhood, children's activities, gifts, homeschooling, travel, or education.
Where can I share my Polar Pen Pal Affiliate Links?
* You may share the links on your website or social media pages
* You may share your link in Facebook groups WHERE PERMITTED BY GROUP RULES (you must check the group rules first before posting so as not to be flagged as spam, or contact the group admin to receive approval to post)
* You may share your links in emails when you email your customer/contact list, as long as they have given you PERMISSION TO EMAIL THEM and you do so tastefully and not in a "spam" sort of email.
What Happens If I Violate the Affiliate Terms?
* We reserve the right to terminate your affiliate account, without notice and without payment, if any of our terms have been violated. This includes, but not limited to, spamming your link in Facebook groups, email lists, or social media comments.   
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