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  • What ages are the Arctic Learning Adventures best for?
    Our Arctic Learning Adventures have been enjoyed by children, teens, and adults of ALL ages, however we have designed them with children between the ages of 5-12 in mind.
  • What does the boarding pass include?
    Each boarding pass gives you access to a password protected page that is filled with fun facts, educational videos (including ones exclusive to Poalr Pen Pal), craft activity suggestions (all with very simple supplies that you probably have on hand), and book recommendations to explore the monthly topic more.
  • Where do you get your photos from?
    We take them ourselves! All of the postcards contain photos we took ourselves and they are not photo-shopped. They represent the true-to-life moments that we experience in the North. They are the closest thing you will find to being here and experiencing it for yourself. ;)
  • Are you Inuit? Are there Inuit involved in your products?
    Our family has lived in the North for over a decade but we are not from here originally and are not Inuit. Although much of our resources are based on sharing our own life expereinces in the North, we are thrilled to have some Inuit involvement with our products. We have spoken with Inuit elders who have shared their wisdom and their stories from the past. When you hear the the voice of Meeka in our videos, this is the voice of a young Inuit girl, born right here in Iqaluit. We have hired Inuit artists whenever possible with our artwork. Many of our book recommendations and music recommendations through the boarding pass are of Inuit artists and authors who we are happy to support and help share their talents with others, who might not otherwise have discovered them. The Inuit art for sale in our online store is another way for us to support Inuit families (we purchase their art directly from them without any discounts). It is also a way to connect families with the north on a deeper level and have a stronger connection through these original art pieces.
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