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Arctic Learning


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We share our REAL life stories, photographs, and Arctic experiences in a fun & educational interactive experience that kids will never forget!  

Nunavut, Canada


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Polar Pen Pal

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"We always have so much fun with our Polar Pen Pal postcards!


I love the surprise as much as the kids do and love how easy it is to build a lesson around them based on the monthly theme."

- Gisele, homeschooling mom of 4
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The girls have truly enjoyed learning about everything from the Northern Lights to Igloos to Inuksuit.  These all-inclusive lessons have been a wonderful addition to our home.

-Sue, homeschooling mom of 2
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The kids would be so excited each month to read their mail from Meeka and Mark. They experienced the North each month through a warm and welcoming friendship with their penpals, which was something the kids really needed at the time (after moving to a new city).


One of their favorite parts was getting the secret password to log on and see real videos of where Meeka and Mark lived which they always thought was SO cool. 

-Paige, homeschooling mom of 3
On the Cove Homeschool
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Polar Pen Pal is an amazing resource!  I brought the letters to school to use with my Grade 1 students.  Each letter focused on a specific area of life in the far north, and was filled with useful links and learnings.  


My students were so inspired, they turned our classroom into an Arctic village complete with a polar bear and inuksuit.  I would not be surprised if some of them wind up visiting Iqaluit in their lifetime.  I will definitely use the program again this year!

- Jennifer, Grade One Teacher
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I love the concept that kids don’t have to receive a craft kit or a toy that they won’t play with – it is all centered around education.

- Meg, homeschooling mom of 2
Trekking Twice
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My daughter was so excited to

get mail today!


An excellent shop and a great addition to our homeschool life

- Amanda, homeschooling mom of 2

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