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Arctic Learning Adventures

(without leaving home)

What is Polar Pen Pal?

Polar Pen Pal combines facts & fantasy for a fun and interactive way for kids to learn about the Arctic. All the stories, photos, and information shared are based on our family's REAL northern life. For the sake of simplicity, we share all the information through the voices of two people; Mark and Meeka. 

Mark is the cartoon version of our son, "frozen in time" at 11 years old. Meeka is inspired by a combination of a few Inuit friends and family combined into one character to share the unique perspective of one who has been born and raised in Nunavut. When you hear Meeka's voice  in our videos, you really are hearing the voice of a young Inuit girl, born right here in Iqaluit. 

All postcards sent out are written and personally addressed by "Mark's" family. We share information about the north and personal anecdotes about our real life experiences here.

For a truly interactive experience, we offer the opportunity for kids to write or email their northern questions and receive personalized handwritten responses. This is just one more way we bring the learning the life by personally engaging kids with the north!

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