Instant Download Sealift Season Education Pack with Printable Game!

Package theme: Sealift Season

For ages 7+


Are your children or students learning about life in the Arctic? Have they ever wondered how people living in the north get what they need to survive?


Sealift Season is an important "season" in the Arctic.  Why is it so important?  What comes up on the sealift? Why does items arrive on a ship? What does sealift season involve?   


These questions and more are answered  in this educational pack! Join Mark & Meeka as they share their Arctic Adventures of life in Iqaluit. 


Learning through games and real life letters is fun and interactive... they won't even realize they are learning!


This Instant Download package contains the following 11 pages:


* An informative lesson about Sealift in Nunavut (4 pages)


* A letter from Mark & Meeka about sealift (with actual photos of our family's sealift order - 3 pages)


* Printable Game Board (a fun twist to the classic BattleShip game - 1 page)


* Game instructions (3 pages)



This is a great package for homeschooling families learning about the Canadian Arctic, with focuses on living In Iqaluit, life in Nunavut, and understanding transportation and goods.


Don't just read from a  textbook...teach from real life examples of people actually living in the North and sharing their experiences!



You can also see our Pen Pal services if your child would like to ask specific questions and receive a postcard in the mail with the reply! See our SNAIL MAIL listings in the shop.



This is a digital file and nothing will be mailed to you. This file is for personal use only and cannot be forwarded, distributed, or posted to the internet in any form.

Arctic Sealift Season - Game & Educational Pack

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