Your personal connection to the North!

Arctic postcards sent straight from the North to you! 


Have the thrill of personalized "happy mail" for your young one to enjoy, as well as learning about a new area and culture. We share our real northern life in Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada through the voices of Mark + Meeka in a fun yet educational way.


Fun for kids 5-12 years (although we have had great feedback from teens and adults who have also enjoyed our program). A great compliment to any homeschool program, or for a teacher to share with the classroom for an Arctic learning adventure.


3 month subscription includes: 


-3 educational postcards with details of our real northern life. We share what it's really like to live in the Arctic. Each month a new theme is discussed teaching some aspect of arctic life. 


- 3 collectible stickers (with free printable snow globe for them to organize their stickers.) Each month a sticker will be included that complements the arctic theme.


-3 Northern surprises along with the postcards which complement the learning theme.


-3 Boarding passes with access to online printable activities, videos, book recommendations and more 


- All delivered in a cheerful envelope addressed and stamped by hand,  decorated with fun jokes and arctic designs for the ultimate "happy mail" experience.






PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR CHILD'S NAME & ADDRESS IN THE NOTES  when purchasing so we know whom to address it to. 


*If no additional name or address is noted, then the postcard will be addressed to the name and address of the purchaser.*

3 Months- Life in the Arctic- Postcard Subscription

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