Often used as a symbol for the North, the inuksuk is an important connection from the present to the past. The Inuit (formerly known as Eskimo) invented the Inuksuk while living on the land and needing a way to communicate messages.


The inuksuk was a silent messenger which would indicate which direction to travel, where to find food or animals, or to mark certain events that had occurred.  In many cases, the message they shared could mean life or death to the travelers who found it.  To build and inuksuk was an expression of care and concern for others.


Now it is your chance to have a personal connection with the north! Have this authentic inuksuk sent straight from the North to you!


Handmade by Inuit Artist: Amaitok Ipeelie

This beautiful inuksuk was carved in Iqaluit, Nunavut 2019

Comes with certification from Government of Nunavut to be an authentic Inuit carving

Inuit Artist- Inuksuk Soapstone Carving

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