Join the #Blizzard of Kindness and help spread kindness around the world from the far North all the way to your community. 


Purchase a Kindness Flakes set and share kindness in your own community!


Each Set includes:


*Kindness Flakes Charm

*Kindness Flakes Poem

* Kindness Flakes stickers

* FREE Shipping (Canada & USA)


Use the Kindness Flakes to spread kindness in YOUR area.  Share with a  child, a friend, a co-worker, a stranger  and brighten their day with a special snowflake.  


For more details on our Blizzard of Kindness Project and for FREE Kindness printables visit: 


Join in the fun on instagram, snap a photo of an act of kindness and use the hashtag #BlizzardOfKindness to share and inspire others!


The Blizzard Of Kindness Project is brought to you by PolarPenPal and WinterfieldStudios





You've just received an act of kindness

From someone you don't know

Who wanted to brighten your day

With a single flake of snow


This is no ordinary snowflake

( It will not melt away )

It serves as a reminder

Of the joy that kindness brings each day


So please accept this special gift,

Carry it with you,

And may kindness sparkle

In everything you do

Kindness Flakes- Random Acts of Kindness

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