A soothing sensory experience that directly connects you with the North!

Purple Fox Fur on "princess" elastic tie.


Survival in the arctic against harsh weather conditions ( as cold as -70 C or -94 F) depends on having proper warm winter gear.


No man-made material has yet been created that can match the warmth and protection that fur provides. It is therefore common for northerners to have fur added to their parka hoods to protect them from the harsh winds and blowing snow that the barren tundra reveals.  


Feel the warmth and touch the gentle softness of this genuine fox fur (dyed) that was used on the hood of a northern parka. Since the aim is for nothing to be wasted, the scraps from the fur hood transformation were handmade into this beautiful and bright hair tie (sometimes also worn as a bracelet).


Have a piece of the arctic and a real connection with the North!




Hood Transformations and hair ties made by local artist @NunavutDream


Purple Fox Fur Hair Tie

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