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Blizzard Of Kindness

"Kindness is like beautifies everything it touches"

# KindnessFlakes

# BlizzardOfKindness

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A blizzard can start with a single snowflake...and a single act of kindness can spark a flurry of good deeds!

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Help Us Sprinkle Kindness!

We've started this project in Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada (way up north where the polar bears live!) and we want to see how far the "Blizzard of kindness" can spread around the globe!

It's a GOOD global warming ;)




* Do an act of kindness in your community


* Take a photo of a random act of kindness, and share it

to inspire others.


*Use the hashtags:



And tag us on Instagram

@Polar Pen Pal


* Grab our

FREE printables 


purchase our

kindness flakes

FREE Printables

thanks mock up 2.png

Thank you For Being You Card

Download, print, and share.

Blank Inside



Take a moment and write a note to a teacher, neighbour, relative, or friend and let them know what you appreciate about them. Guaranteed to brighten their day!

kindness quote mock up 2.png

Kindness Quote Card

Download, print, and share.

Blank Inside

This card has a kindness quote on the front and is blank inside. Use it to thank someone for the kindness they have shown you, or use it to accompany a random of kindness for someone else. ​

mock up card thanks.png

Thanks for the work you do


Download, print, and share.

Blank Inside

When was the last time you thanked a teacher, mailman, local fire department, or store clerk for the work that they do that might go unnoticed?


Surprise them with a card that lets them know their work makes a difference and is appreciated!

random acts of kindness for free

20 FREE Random Acts of Kindness Ideas

It doesn't cost money to be kind.... but an act of kindness can be priceless!

Print this PDF page for a list of 20 Acts of kindness ideas that you can do for FREE!

raok cards

Random Acts of Kindness Cards

Leave a little note along with your random act of kindness to brighten the day of others and to encourage them to pass along the kindness.

random acts of kindness for families

20 Acts of Kindness Ideas for the Family

Looking for some inspiration on what you can do to spread kindness around your community?

This free printable PDF has 20 suggestions to spark your family's imagination and start spreading the kindness!

"Kindness Flakes" Shop

kindness flakes set.png

Send an anonymous kindness flake

Purchase this listing and we will add a Kindness flake to the next package that we mail out.


Your act of kindness will delight and surprise a child between the ages of 5-12 that could be anywhere in the world!


The card includes a kindness poem and encourages them to complete their own act of kindness.

Copy of kindness flakes set.png

Kindness Flakes


Spread kindness around YOUR community with these adorable kindness flakes. 


Each Set Includes:


* A snowflake charm  

* Kindness poem

* Set of Kindness Flake Stickers 

Use our Kindness Flakes stickers in a variety of ways:

* As an envelope seal for an act of kindness card/letter

* To mark on the calendar when you've performed an act of kindness​

* As a reward for students when you've "caught" them being kind

* To decorate your planner as a reminder to show kindness

arctic kindness card mock up.png


Kindness Cards

Brighten someone's day with these adorable Arctic themed printable kindness cards.

Tuck one into someone's lunchbox

Leave on someone's desk

Hide inside a pocket

Tape it to an object that someone will find

The blizzard of kindness

is brought to you by:


Arctic Learning Adventures

delivered to your door



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Quality handmade cards, stickers, and planner supplies

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